Eugene Maftsir - Mathematician and Investor

The recipient of a bachelor's degree in applied math and a master's degree in mathematics with an emphasis on algebra from Latvian State University, Eugene "Evgeny" Maftsir (Евгений Мафцир)began his career as an assistant professor of mathematics at the College of Civil Aviation Engineers in Riga, Latvia. He spent 2 years in this position, and subsequently spent 3 years as a system programmer at NPO Progress before relocating to the US. Eugene Maftsir arrived in New Jersey in 1990, where he began working as executive vice president at Elegant Logic, Inc.

Eugene Maftsir spent 6 years in this position, overseeing the export of personal computers and software into Eastern European markets. He later worked 6 years as president of Elbron Holdings, where he engaged in bridge loans and commodities trading.

Since 2002, he has served as president of the multi-million-dollar consulting and financial company BEV Associates in Hackensack, New Jersey. In this executive capacity, Evgeny Maftsir leverages his skills in mathematics, employing various financial models to ensure success in equity and real estate investment, as well as international trading. Outside of his professional pursuits, he enjoys traveling, playing chess, and diving.

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